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Making the Peace

It took a little wrangling, but our latest window installation is all about peace.

It took a little wrangling, but our latest window installation is all about peace.

Following the attacks in Paris, we wanted to spread a little peace out of our storefront. And though France is in no way they only country who has felt loss and experienced devastation, we share close ties to a few over there. One of our own spent a semester in the beautiful Le Monde, and we were lucky enough to take in an exchange student just before the holidays. No matter the circumstance, the connection or tie, we feel for those around us and humanity as a whole. We're fortunate enough to live in a diverse community filled with different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  

From one of our own: In The Pink, Down The Hall

It would be difficult to describe the joy and excitement felt in the Anna Held Floral Studio without mentioning the struggle and patience it took to get here: days away from a grand re-opening that took two years and some change to plan.

The Edgewater Beach Apartments was built in the 1920s, a woman named Anna Held opened a flower shop during a bygone era and Beth Tenney, my godmother, has been designing some of the most beautiful floral arrangements in the historical landmark for over 30 years. 

Two years ago, new management, lease negotiations and building code left us with a single choice: move down the hall, abandon the marble soda fountain where beach-goers and Chicagoans took refuge and build a new home out of a vanilla box, the commissary. The apothecary cabinets, the original marble fountain and a few silk flowers remain in the vacant storefront that housed neighborhood gossip, fed the elderly residents and documented the height lines of every peewee who grew up in it, myself included.

When you drive past the big, pink building on Sheridan and Bryn Mawr, the words "Breakfast, Soda Fountain and Flower Shop" still read clearly facing northwest, but as of August 2015, we've filled the windows on the south end of the symmetrical, historical enchantment that belongs in a Wes Anderson film. 

And sure, it has been somewhat of an Irish funeral. The locks have been changed, our etchings and notes have been painted over and sometimes I see the lights on. People still come in and ask for coffee, look for cookies and make sure to mention how much they liked the old space better, but the new studio fits us. A vision to focus solely on art and flowers has come to life.  

Now, the walls of our studio are filled with artwork and our vintage cooler is full of flowers, but redefining our identity took effort. We've slowly gained walk-in traffic, fought off maintenance problems and broken a vase or two. But now, here we are, and we invite you to come take a look.

So this Friday, October 9th at 6:00 PM, we will be hosting our official grand re*opening party featuring the work of local artists, delicious bites and familiar faces. We will raise a glass and bid farewell to our past in hopes of making way for a locally-owed, bright and busy future. 

The table lives!

Happy Monday!  

We hope all of you Chicagoans are enjoying this beautiful bit of weather. Spring is coming and the plants are blooming! Place an order of your favorite indoor plant, or stop on in and check out our latest delivery of succulents and airplants. Dust off that ceramic pot, crack a window and breathe spring into your new kitchen or a familiar nook! 


Lord of the Rings meets Jurassic Park... wedding!

When Michelle first came to us, she had a vision- of a wedding full of nature and whimsy, a bit of wonder and a lot of plants, foliage and texture! A friend of a friend, we played with the concept of flowers 'right out of the Shire,' which warmed my geeky heart. When we delivered and set it all up, it really came together- her beautiful vision made reality! 

This is the moment we all wait for- the bride's reaction! Love at first sight!

Her composite ceremonial arch of birch and willow, such a lovely, glowing couple. 

Aly and Dave's Dreamy and Eclectic Ravenswood Event Center Wedding

When we first started working with the Ravenswood Event Center, years ago, we had a few serendipitous moments of pure vendor love.

 So, when Dave proposed to Aly (the event manager at the REC) we jumped at the opportunity to transform their already chic spaces into swoon-worthy, romantic, luscious, candlelit and all kinds of flowery. 

Rarely are we granted a 'carte blanche' with design, so we took the opportunity and RAN with it! 

To Aly and Dave, and everyone at the REC, we love you and were proud as can be to play a role in your special day! Every detail was perfection, down to the littlest member of the bridal party. 




Amidst the fireworks of the Fourth of July, my daughter Julia was getting married! 

Lots of floral details, of course! Lush purples and greens, exquisite blooms exclusive to us from Holland, Vanda orchids were present in the low centerpieces. The flowers worked beautifully in their venue, Loft on Lake.